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Chilling in Disney World

Chilling with my big cuz in Disney World. This is the man who first introduced me to hip hop, along with my other cuz P-Nut (RIP). My first memory of hip hop is of watching the video for Planet Rock on channel 68 at my crib on 4th Ave in BK. Had to be like 82 or 83! I was 4 or 5! Word up.

Photo:  Stoak & Nils
Stoak & Nils

Backyard BBQ with fam!

Some of the last pics taken with my cousin, P-Nut! These are from a backyard BBQ at my cousin Trev’s crib in BK a few years back. #pnut #chinaman #canarsiedave #davidanthony #pnutrip #tcc #TheChanClan