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Backyard BBQ with fam!

Some of the last pics taken with my cousin, P-Nut! These are from a backyard BBQ at my cousin Trev’s crib in BK a few years back. #pnut #chinaman #canarsiedave #davidanthony #pnutrip #tcc #TheChanClan

Don’t be Pussy

Listen to ” target=”_blank”>Soy un Animal and get some courage.
Image: Cover Art for Soy un Animal by The Sunset Kid

People Be Looking At Me Like They Can’t Believe I’m So Good Looking

Photo: Don Stoaker - The Sunset Kid
Rocking the Ill Spectacles

New Music – Soy un Animal by The Sunset Kid

Here is my latest. Beat by Stradivarius. This one is in memory of my cousin, P-Nut, who passed away suddenly on September 28, 2013. 2 years ago this month (May), we were in Brooklyn on our way up to Avenue U to get some good Chinese food. On the way, I let him hear some of the new music I was working on, and at one point he asked me why I always rap slow. Little did he know that I had already written and recorded the first verse of Soy un Animal, and that my flow on this track was a bit more up-tempo than he was used to hearing from me. I didn’t say anything about it to him, but I couldn’t wait to finish up work on the song so that he could hear it and give me some feedback. He passed on before the song was done, though, and so he never did get a chance to give it a listen. That is why I have dedicated it to his memory. He was one of the first people to introduce me to hip hop way back in the early 80s, b-boying on cardboard in front of my house on 4th Ave in Brooklyn, reciting the lyrics to La Di Da Di on our way home from Sunset Park pool. So many memories. A very huge influence. My big bro! I love you!  Rest in peace, cuzzo!! 
Image: Cover Art for Soy un Animal by The Sunset Kid