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The 5 Counties of New York City

A new series of designs I just finished working on. You may already know all of this but for those who don’t, the 5 counties of NYC are the same as the boroughs, except that Brooklyn is called Kings County, Staten Island is Richmond County, and Manhattan is New York County. The counties of Queens and Bronx don’t have different names, though – – they are Queens County and Bronx County.

Just trying to find as many ways as possible to express my love of my city! For those of you more interested in the music, don’t worry, I didn’t forget you! A new track will be coming in a few weeks. Sit tight!

If you dig any of this and want to get something printed on a shirt or sticker or poster or whatever, check it out on RedBubble or Zazzle. Peace.

Wussup with these flaking ass bozos on SoundCloud?

Fellow SoundCloud users, have you ever had some clown come along and start following your page, then un-follow, and start following again, back and forth repeatedly like they’re trying to get your attention or something? Then they quietly un-follow your page once again after you follow back? Just wondering what is the point of all that foolishness. It’s like they’re trying to grow a list of followers that they can point to and be like, “Aha! Look at all of these people following me, yet I do not follow them! This proves that I am GREAT!” That’s for the birds! 🙄 😆